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The Future of Video Production

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My partner and I often talk about the future of video production. Our conversations are predicated on keeping up with the increased demand for video as a part of the digital marketing mix.

The good news for companies like ours is that video is such a big part of the social media story. Add to that the growing popularity of on-demand video, live streaming as well as performance marketing, and there is certainly cause for optimism that we will continue to grow.

The flip side of that however is that video production seems to have been to some extent commoditized. Various reasonably priced and even free software solutions, an increase in companies bringing video production in-house, as well as downright cheap overseas outsourcing has certainly made for some challenges for us and many of our colleagues.

I recently came across a very good article about the state of video production that was written back in 2015, and seems to be even more relevant today as more and more companies are utilizing video as an important part of their digital marketing mix.

Feel free to contact us if you need help keeping up with the increasing challenges of integrating video as a strategic part of your marketing mix.

The Future of Video

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