Whether helping with product launches, business development, recruiting, fundraising or promotional videos, our Presentation Arts Business Smarts approach to storytelling has helped some of the most inspired companies to convey their message, increase market share and sales in a way that resonates in the hearts and minds of their customers.

iStories give you the ability to create custom interactive presentations that enhance the corporate storytelling experience, engages the viewer and involves them in your story and brand.


Sell more

Good storytelling has the power to transform the perception of your product or services. The right narrative makes people take notice, take action and has a direct correlation to your bottom line.

Humanizing technology

Today, attention is a scarce resource. Your audience needs to care about the story you tell. It is with that premise in mind, that we use the power of storytelling in a business context to help launch new products. From complex technologies, to the most sophisticated promotions we create content that matters.

Customer care

An effective presentation can be used for training, to foster deeper connections among employees, help with fundraising and recruiting efforts, or simply present perspective clients a way to better understand your products and services. Whatever your story, the right narrative will help you to humanize your message and break through the clutter.