interface design for Nina Virtual assistants

UX-UI, Interface Design, Concept Development, Design, Script Development, Storyboarding, Animation, CGI, Video Production, Post Production


Nuance Communications needed to launch their Nina Virtual Assistant platform; the ground-breaking technology on which Siri is based, and was looking to find a team that could handle the interface design based on a deep understanding of both the product and a complex set of user requirements.


We worked directly with the creators of this product as well as with the development team to help create the visual identity for the product. From persona design, interface design, customization for specific clients through to the development of use case scenarios and a series of video presentations, we provided the tools that allowed Nuance to bring this product to market.


Nuance enjoys huge success with this product and helped to revolutionize industries everywhere. Companies ranging from USSA, Dominos, Coca Cola, Swedbank, and Windstream all utilize and benefit from this product.